This page lists research opportunities (rotations) in KIPAC for new graduate students. Graduate students can find contact information for faculty through StanfordWho

Abel, Tom
Numerical Cosmology
Allen, Steve
X-ray astronomy and observational cosmology
Blandford, Roger
Theoretical astrophysics
Bloom, Elliott
Fermi LAT; indirect searches for dark matter
Burchat, Pat
Observational cosmology, LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration, gravitational lensing
Burke, David
Observational cosmology with large surveys: DES and LSST
Byer, Bob
Lasers and nonlinear optics
Cabrera, Blas
Dark matter
Church, Sarah
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Drell, Persis
Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope and Technical Developments and Science with Hard X-Ray Free Electron Lasers
Funk, Stefan
Fermi LAT and Cerenkov Telescope Array
Gratta, Georgio
Understanding of fundamental particles and interactions
Irwin, Kent
Sensor development for astrophysics, cosmology and beyond
Kahn, Steve
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Kuo, Chao-Lin
Cosmic microwave background radiation: instrumentation and cosmology
Linde , Andrei
Early Universe cosmology
Macintosh, Bruce
Adaptive optics and extrasolar planet imaging
Madejski, Greg
X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy and astrophysics
Michelson, Peter
Gamma-ray astrophysics with the Fermi LAT
Petrosian, Vahe
High energy astrophysics -- particle acceleration
Romani, Roger
Neutron stars and black holes -- observations, modeling and theory
Roodman, Aaron
Observational Cosmology
Scherrer, Phil
Solar physics
Schindler, Rafe
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Project
Senatore, Leonardo
Early Universe cosmology, growth of structure
Sturrock, Peter
Solar physics
Wagoner, Bob
Theoretical Relativistic Astrophysics
Wechsler, Risa
Computational cosmology
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